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Jeffrey Rotin

Consulting & Facilitation



“You were an excellent facilitator, organized, intelligent, and kind. People liked that you listened to what the group needed, and adapted when needed.”

– Helen Van Wart, facilitator, Community Living BC

“Jeff’s experience in the arts community was very reassuring and made him a natural choice for us. His facilitation was sure handed and helped us achieve our goals for our session effortlessly. Now we have our work cut out for us!“

– David Jordan, executive director, Vancouver International Fringe Festival

“Jeff’s strategic planning facilitation in my opinion was invaluable for our group. It enabled us to focus our project into clearly defined, manageable, realistic units with assigned responsibility. I left with a much more positive attitude and a much better understanding of what my role will be within the organization.”

– Rozalyn Harris, board member, Burnaby Restorative Action Group

“Jeff has a profound understanding of what is required to achieve objectives. It took him very little time to understand the complexities of our organization. He was able to sort through the emotionality of the situation and, with respect and care for the individuals involved, guide them carefully to developing a shared vision and plan. All this on time and under budget!”

– Wendy Vernon, president, Performing Arts BC

“Jeff has delivered numerous workshops for us to a diverse range of not-for-profits, both as a volunteer and a contractor. He consistently receives rave reviews from workshop participants and is knowledgeable about board governance and organizational development issues. He is a practical, experienced and professional trainer, combining humour, energy and interactive techniques in his delivery. Jeff is a tremendous asset to Volunteer Vancouver and it’s a pleasure to work with him.”

– Allison Felker, professional development, Volunteer Vancouver

“We were very impressed with Jeff’s facilitation style. He is engaging, collaborative, and possesses a great sense of humour! Our communication plan is something we can really ‘run with.’ It is practical, user-friendly, and has realistic outcome measurements attached. I would highly recommend Jeffrey Rotin to any organization that wants a really tangible product!”

– Jenn McGinn, executive director, South Granville Seniors Centre

“When the Progressive Housing Society embarked upon its first strategic planning in 23 years, Jeff provided a well organized, thought-provoking and engaging day of learning and brainstorming. Board members and management staff alike enjoyed the process that Jeff used to lead the organization to the point of articulating its key activities and outcomes for the coming year. For the first time in decades the activities of our organization became truly outcomes based. We are looking forward to working with Jeff again to further develop our long-term goals.”

– Lynn Wood, executive director, Progressive Housing Society

Feedback from participants in various training workshops and facilitated sessions:

“Strong communication skills, easygoing, inviting questions, warm, very knowledgeable, ability to explain ideas in more than one manner.”

“Really appreciated Jeff’s open, welcoming style; not boring; not long winded; good answers to questions, etc.”

“Great, flexible facilitator!”

“Really enjoyed Jeff – he has lot of knowledge to share.”

“Kind, knowledgeable, diplomatic, understanding, well spoken, to the point.”

“Jeff was able to adapt to changing moods of the group and altered the agenda several times to avoid conflict, was good at using a movement exercise to break tension.”

“Excellent motivator and moderator.”

“Interesting and lively speaker. Well organized.”